Wednesday, 9 September 2009

green with ENVY

A simple and minimalistic look is what i had in mind while designing this. I wanted to simply create a bold statement piece. The green glass nugget is strung to form a flower which sits on a string of pearls. A teardrop swavroski crystal hangs loosely off the flower, like the droplets of dew that perches at the tip of the flower petal in the morning. The flower piece is simply displaced for asymmetry which i believe draws the attention of eye to the wearer.

A teardrop swavroski crystal dangles off the green glass nugget which is simple elegance. 

Romancing the BLUES

A delightful eclectic mix of colours. The blue and purple cat-eyes looks somber and moody when put together. I did not really like it. But, when i accidentally place the pink corals together, somehow, it seems to lighten up the mood and add an air of romance and mystery to the entire composition. 

This is also my first experiment with symmetry. My previous works all played with asymmetry which i like a lot. However, i decided that the somberness of the blues require a classical look to complement the elegance of the corals and pearls.

Teardrop shaped corals are composed to form center flower feature piece which sits on a metal filigree piece. Flowing clusters of cat-eyes, freshwater pearls, crystal glass pearls drapes elegantly and finish off with a dangling crystal glass pearl.

Flowing clusters of cat-eyes, freshwater pearls, crystal glass pearls drapes elegantly and finish off with a dangling teardrop coral stone.

Midsummer nights

Mimics the sunsets across the desert horizons of midsummer. The orange glow of the sun, set against the cream colour sand and brown shadows cast on the sandbed, is a picturesque composition of colours and warmth.

An assembly of pink fresh water pearls, bronze glass crystals pearls, swavroski crystals and bronze seed beads. 

Thursday, 27 August 2009

noir et blanc

noir et blanc : a monochrome series inspired by the black and white films of the 50s...where the beauty of the object lies in itself, not the colours. Perhaps thats what we call black beauty?
BLANC crystals pearls lends its glitter to the otherwise NOIR chez beads. Bronze coloured beads lends a sepia feel to the monochrome look.
A stylish and modern composition. 

for the creative wearer
matching minimalist NOIR ET BLANC rings 
matching NOIR ET BLANC rings

Thursday, 13 August 2009

pretty in BLOOM...

just worked on my second series of strawberries & cream titled : pretty in BLOOM

inspired by the pretty flowers that bloom in spring & summer, capturing their pretty 'faces' before they begin to wither when autumn arrives. soft hues of pink and greens contrast with metal chains and fuschia pink ribbon!

a sneak preview of the new desires...still working on the rest!.

necklace is asymmetrically composed of a romantic feature floral center piece, connected by hand weaved seed bead chain and finished off with contrasting metal chain and fuschia ribbon

materials used include feature Japanese glass rose bead, swavroski crystals, japanese glass pearls, cherry quartz, metal filigree

detail of feature center piece



yes, this necklace can be worn in more than 1 way! 

its up to one's creativity to wear it however you want

matching pair of earrings

who says that both sides of the earrings have to be the same?

Thursday, 6 August 2009

my 1st series titled : Strawberries & Cream

my 1st design series of handmade jewelry : Strawberries & cream

inspired by the sweet smell of strawberries & the romantic pink colour when strawberries are mixed with cream..

these pieces shall be on sale on my etsy shop soon, stay tune!

BOW & ribbon necklace

BOW details

matching BOWring

pretty in pink BOW-earings

Monday, 3 August 2009

launch of Desire by a.b.o.d.e

hey all! today marks my first blog post of Desire. I am extremely excited by the launch of my jewelry line : Desire by a.b.o.d.e 

well, let me do some introduction of my shop and designs.

what is Desire by a.b.o.d.e?

a.b.o.d.e was originally conceived as a name/concept for my architectural design studio meaning : a box of dreams where coincidentally, the acronyms, abode, also mean house.

Now that i am designing my own jewelry line , i decided to name it under a.b.o.d.e to mean a box of desires, hence Desire by a.b.o.d.e.

who is Desire design for?

Desire is a handmade jewelry line for the individual modern women who looks for uniqueness and style in her accessories. The jewel speaks of the wearer's personality and taste. 

Desire's design is made for the one who enjoys the haute-couture of fashion, yet wearable for all occasions. Its also a wearable art.

when and where can we buy Desire pieces?

Many friends are asking me when they can see my designs and where can they purchase it. I am working on it currently, it should be up in a day or two. 

I have a etsy shop which i will post the pieces for sale. You may visit my shop to browse for the desired pieces:

Thank you.

p.s. This is my first ever blog, i can't believe i am actually blogging, used to think its for people who have nothing better to do, guess iam wrong! =)